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The Sad Situation I Found Myself in: I Created a Debt Monster
by Greg Meares
I have never been the greatest with managing money but I have always been able to keep it under control. Primarily because I kept getting raises at my jobs and was always able to find a new infusion of cash to help me maintain this control.

I have never been the greatest with managing money but I have always been able to keep it under control. Primarily because I kept getting raises at my jobs and was always able to find a new infusion of cash to help me maintain this control.

Well a couple of years ago I was pretty deep into debt, I was laid off and I needed to figure out a solution rather quickly. I ended up starting a business but the money was going to take too long before I saw a positive return so I went out and got a job to help pay my monthly bills.

So the situation went like this. I was able to pay the minimum balances on my everyday living bills but I was unable to make any progress to get out of debt.

I had to figure out a better way because I was going nowhere fast!

So I started by doing some research to figure out my options. I spent a little over 2 months finding out all the information I could on how to get out of debt. I found a tremendous amount of information on the internet.

I found great articles and systems that claimed to help me. So I read all the articles I could and also decided to test a group of the debt systems. What I found was that for the most part the systems were good and provided great information and tools. They actually worked as long as one key ingredient was present.

What was that key ingredient?

The most important point was that all this information was very helpful and the tools were what they claimed but you had to do something that was apparently lacking in the past. As a result, to be successful, I had to establish a personal characteristic to focus, create consistency and a commitment to get out of debt.

Basically, I had to be willing to follow the plans outlined consistently. If I did the tools and resources would work. And amazingly I could get myself out of debt.

Easier said than done, right? Well the underlying thought process has to be on how committed you are to getting out of debt. In other words, how badly do you want to be debt free? The answer to this question will determine your success.

Of course you have to have access to the best information and tools. That combined with your commitment, will create a successful getting out of debt campaign.

Greg Meares has put all of his research together on a debt consolidation and debt reduction website. Many of the resources and tips are free, including an extensive article directory of useful debt reduction articles. You can learn more by going to

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