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Use A Debt Counseling Service To Eliminate The Debt Collector's Ghost
by Tim Gorman
Seeking out debt counseling may be a good idea if you are someone that consistently gets harassed by debt collectors because you've fallen behind on your bills or perhaps you barely manage to make the minimum monthly payment to your credit cards o

Seeking out debt counseling may be a good idea if you are someone that consistently gets harassed by debt collectors because you've fallen behind on your bills or perhaps you barely manage to make the minimum monthly payment to your credit cards or other forms of credit every month. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed if this is the case and your financial life is in shambles. The reality is a large majority of consumers face the same problems and many could also benefit from the advice of a quality debt counseling service.

Before seeking help for your bad debt situation there are a few things you should know and do in order to fully benefit from the wisdom and guidance that you will gain by obtaining debt counseling advice. Naturally, the first action you should take is to perform some simple research online in order to determine or find the best debt counselor, relief plan or program. You will be required to reveal personal information that may be embarrassing to tell the wrong person and you will also be protecting yourself from using a debt counseling service that may not be as trustworthy as their website reflects.

Did you know that the number one method or way to truly get out of debt and regain your financial freedom is to simply not spend more then you make. Just like the old Wall Street adage about the stock market – buy low and sell high, not spending more then you make has made many consumers financially secure for their future. Follow this simple advice and you to can be on your way to a prosperous retirement full of fun and free of debt induced stress. A debt counseling program can help you learn how to save more then you spend quickly and easily.

In some cases when you sign up for a debt counseling service, plan or program it has the potential to show up on your credit report. Initially this may sound alarming and truthfully it doesn't present you or your financial picture/credit report in a positive manner but honestly, it's much better then having several bad marks against your financial record because you failed to pay your bills on time or even worse failed to pay them at all. Another major reason for seeking out the help and assistance of a debt counseling service is to prevent you from having to file bankruptcy which as I'm sure you know carries with it serious negative consequences for your credit report and score. The ability of a debt counseling service to prevent you form having to go through that difficult situation is well worth any short-term negative marks on your credit report.

If you are curious as to what a debt counseling program or plan does for you then just imagine a professionally trained financial expert who is skilled in evaluating the bleak financial situations of consumers in order to negotiate with their creditors on their behalf in order to secure cheaper interest rates, lower payments or better repayment terms and conditions. In some cases the debt counselor can even get all of your bills consolidated into one lump sum, which you can then pay back with one payment as opposed to making several payments to a variety of different lenders and creditors.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how a debt counseling service can accomplish all of this for you and the reality is they do normally charge a minimal fee that can either be paid up front or throughout your debt consolidation plan as a series of small payments. Again the key is to do some preliminary research in order to find a debt counseling service and counselor that can be trusted and are widely recognized as subject matter experts or debt consolidation specialists.

As mentioned earlier in this article, if you are swimming in debt that's up to your eyeballs then perhaps consider the use of a debt counseling service. There are some reputable programs and counselors that can quickly help you to get your financial situation back into a positive manner relieving you of any debt induced stress you may currently be experiencing.

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more debt consolidation advice, solutions and information on using a debt counseling service that you can research in your pajamas on his website.

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