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What Is A Lawsuit Loan Cash Advance?
by Jim Roman
What Is A Lawsuit Loan Cash Advance?Did you know that if you're involved in a personal injury lawsuit that the cards are stacked against you? Most of the time you'll have to settle for much less than you are legally entitled to because

What Is A Lawsuit Loan Cash Advance?

Did you know that if you're involved in a personal injury lawsuit that the cards are stacked against you? Most of the time you'll have to settle for much less than you are legally entitled to because you won't have the financial ability to hold on long enough for your attorney to get the most money for you.

Knowing this, your opponent, usually a large corporation with a battery of defense lawyers, will "starve you out" and, finally, offer to settle for pennies on the dollar.

You won't have a choice because you may be off work with bills piling up and your mortgage falling behind.

We've all known people, either friends or relatives, who have lost everything trying to wait for their settlement to come through.

Good News

A lawsuit loan cash advance can come to the rescue. A lawsuit cash advance requires no credit checks or income verifications. You don't have to make monthly payments. It's due as a lump sum when you receive your settlement.

Lawsuit loan cash advances are made on a portion of what the lender reasonably expects you'll be able to settle your case for. Typically, it will be 10%-15% of that amount.

While the repayment rates on these kinds of loans are much higher, you can understand that the risk is extremely high for the lender. One reason is that if you don't win your case, you don't have to repay the cash advance.

Some of the common types of lawsuits that can qualify for a lawsuit loan cash advance are: Accident, Breach of Contract, Civil Rights, Class Action, Construction Negligence, Legal Malpractice, Motor Vehicle and Passenger Injury, Medical Malpractice, Pharmaceutical, Product Liability, Trucking, Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death.

There are several companies who offer these types of loans and it might pay you to check a few before deciding on one. Another alternative is to use the services of a lawsuit loan broker such as They have access to most all of the reputable lenders and it won't cost you anything to deal with them because their fees are paid by the lender as a percentage of the loan amount.

If you or someone you know are involved in or contemplating a lawsuit, you might want to check out the lawsuit loan cash advance as a fallback measure prior to letting yourself fall behind the 8-Ball.

Jim Roman is a consumer awareness writer and he enjoys living in Nevada with his lovely wife of 42 years. He is an avid water sports enthusiast and enjoys the beach, golf and in the winter, snowmobiling.

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