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Mortgage Refinance What Are All Those Closing Costs?
by Dave Carter
Some people who decide its time for a mortgage refinance arent prepared for the closing costs associated with the loan. They think that theyve already paid closing costs and all the other fees associated with the purchase of the house, so they
Some people who decide its time for a mortgage refinance arent prepared for the closing costs associated with the loan. They think that theyve already paid closing costs and all the other fees associated with the purchase of the house, so theyre surprised to find that many of these same costs pop up again when its time for a mortgage refinance. What are these costs? And which can you expect to pay again?

The amount of time thats passed since you took out your original loan will have some impact on the cost of your mortgage refinance, but time isnt the only factor that can make a difference. Take a look at the typical home appraisal. As a rule, a lender wants this document so that he can prove to his superiors that the property is worth at least as much as hes agreed to loan you. Remember that banks arent typically in the real estate business. If you should default on the loan, the lender wants to know that he can recover at least the majority of the loan by selling off that property.

Thats why a current appraisal is often required for a mortgage refinance. Property values fluctuate and other changes impact the final dollar value an appraiser will attach to your property. You may even have made some changes that will affect the value. Have you added floor space by building on a room or even boxing in attic space for a bedroom? That can increase the value of your home. If youve done major renovations or even added a pool, you may have raised the value of your property and the appraisal will reflect those changes.

Remember that youre likely going to be limited to some percentage of the value of your home probably 80 or 90 percent. If the appraisal shows that your property is now worth more than when you bought it, you may be eligible for a larger loan or better terms.

Youll also likely pay closing costs for taking out a mortgage refinance. The lender is charging you for rewriting the loan, going through the steps and creating the paperwork.

The lender may also run an updated credit check. This could also help you if your credit has improved over the course of your loan. You may now qualify for better rates and terms than when you took out the original loan. Some people even use that status change as a reason to seek a mortgage refinance.

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