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Comparing Home Equity Loans - Choosing the Right Lender
by Carrie Reeder
A home equity loan or second mortgage gives you the opportunity to borrow money, using your home as collateral. If you are in need of quick cash, a home equity loan is easier than getting a personal bank loan. Banks have certain requirements

A home equity loan or second mortgage gives you the opportunity to borrow money, using your home as collateral. If you are in need of quick cash, a home equity loan is easier than getting a personal bank loan. Banks have certain requirements, and you need collateral. With a home equity loan, your home secures the loan.

Benefits of Getting a Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are often associated with refinancing. In both cases, you can receive a lump sum of money that can be used for any purpose home improvement, debt consolidation, etc. On the other hand, refinancing your home involves applying for a new mortgage. Hence, you are responsible for closing costs and other mortgage fees. Home equity loans have low fees.

The process of getting a home equity loan depends on your credit. If you have a high credit rating, you are likely able to obtain a home equity loan from your choice of lenders. Moreover, you can expect a good interest rate on the loan. If your credit score is low, lenders will charge higher rates.

Home Equity Loan Applications

When choosing a lender for your home equity loan, it is important to speak to several lenders. You may begin by phoning your existing mortgage lender. If they offer home equity loans, submit an application, and wait for a response. If you have a bad payment history with the lender, chances are your application will be denied.

Regardless of whether your home equity loan application is approved or denied, requests quotes from other lenders. There is a lot of competition in the mortgage business, and lenders are eager to compete for your business. Thus, submitting a quote request through a mortgage broker is your best option. Mortgage brokers have access to loans programs for people with good and bad credit.

Choosing Home Equity Lender

Completing an application is easy. For your convenience, some mortgage brokers have online applications. Upon submitting your information, you will receive a response within 24 hours. In some instances, the approval time is less than an hour. Mortgage brokers will send offers for various finance packages. Choosing the right lender involves reviewing the loan offers, and selecting the mortgage with the lowest rate and best terms.

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