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Why Internet Mortgage Loan Leads are Better than Telemarketing Leads
by Maria Ny
Seasoned mortgage brokers and lenders know they must always be working with up-to-date, accurate and qualified home purchase leads, refinance leads, debt consolidation leads, second mortgage leads, home equity leads, and other loan prospects to ge

Seasoned mortgage brokers and lenders know they must always be working with up-to-date, accurate and qualified home purchase leads, refinance leads, debt consolidation leads, second mortgage leads, home equity leads, and other loan prospects to generate a constant stream of new clients and remain successful. However, in today's volatile mortgage lead generation market, lenders today are concerned with the quality of their leads.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating mortgage leads:

• Age and Accuracy of Leads

Common complaints among lenders are that leads they purchase are outdated or inaccurate, including such things as outdated addresses, phone numbers, borrower credit ratings and whether or not the borrower still owns the home. Internet leads are generated by loan shoppers themselves, so the information will more accurately depict each borrower's most current status, address, phone numbers and other contact information, making it much easier for the lender to follow up and close the loan.

• Lead Exclusivity

Many times, telemarketing leads are non-exclusive, meaning that a large number of brokers are buying the same leads. With more and more people avoiding telemarketers, it's hard for them to generate fresh, exclusive leads. states that people are joining "Do Not Call" registries and using caller ID and privacy managers to avoid telemarketers. On the other hand, borrowers themselves constantly generate online leads by filling out forms at mortgage loan websites at all hours of the day and night. With fresh leads always being generated, it's easier for lenders to get exclusive leads. While exclusive leads cost more, the probability of closing is greatly increased due to the lack of competition for the lead.

• Lead Delivery Time

If a lead is not delivered within a 24-48 hour time period, the lead loses value and the closing percentage drops dramatically. Internet leads are typically real-time mortgage leads. For example, delivers its leads instantly. Lenders work with lead representatives to set up custom filters in's database. The lead is e-mailed to the lender immediately when a borrower that meets the lender's criteria fills out the online application.

• Lead Source

It is best if the mortgage lead makes the initial contact. For example, on the site, buyers initiate contact by completing a simple form. Then, they get up to four competitive loan offers from major, national, regional, and local lenders across the U.S.

The Internet is gaining popularity as a way to shop for mortgage loan products, as people are getting more wary of telemarketers. Lenders are also enjoying cost effective online leads that are constantly delivered to them in real time right after they are generated.

Maria Ny, a respected free-lance writer who has many published articles that cover a broad range of subjects ranging from Home Equity, Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy Reform, Credit Repair to Internet Marketing. Check out her helpful articles online at Mortgage Lead

You can learn more about cost-effective mortgage leads and buying mortgage leads online & get specific loan filters that meet your specific loan programs. Get a free marketing quote for a Internet Mortgage Loan Leads that can help you increase your monthly funding colume. If you need more details about home loan programs, check out the mortgage refinance center on the web.

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