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100% Mortgage Financing Bad Credit Mortgage Qualifying for a No Money Down Loan
by Carrie Reeder
If you have bad credit, do not settle on the ideal that buying a home is impossible. True, a high credit rating presents many financing options. Yet, various lenders focus on bad credit mortgages, which make it possible to get a home loan wi

If you have bad credit, do not settle on the ideal that buying a home is impossible. True, a high credit rating presents many financing options. Yet, various lenders focus on bad credit mortgages, which make it possible to get a home loan with poor credit. 100% mortgage financing for bad credit applicants is available. To obtain these loans, you must contact mortgage lenders that understand your situation.

The Advantages of 100% Mortgage Financing

100% mortgage financing are home loans that do not require a down payment. Some traditional mortgage lenders prefer applicants to have a down payment. However, saving money is practically impossible. This is a reality in regions marked by modest incomes and high costs of living. To assist new and young homebuyers, many lenders offer 100% financing.

Is it Easy to Qualify for 100% Financing with Poor Credit?

Each mortgage lender is different. If you have poor credit, it is essential to select a lender that specializes in bad credit mortgages. These lenders, commonly referred to as sub prime lenders, offer a range of mortgage options to suit your needs.

Traditional lenders that offer 100% financing require applicants to meet certain requirements. For example, some mortgage companies only offer 100% financing to properties that are owner occupant. Hence, real estate investors would not qualify. Secondly, some lenders require high FICO scores and low debt ratios. These stipulations make it impossible to get approved with poor credit. Fortunately, sub prime and bad credit mortgage lenders offer easy approvals.

How to Find a Good Sub Prime Lender

Some traditional mortgage lenders such as banks and credit unions offer sub prime loans. To begin, it may prove worthwhile to contact a local bank and obtain a quote. Next, search for an online sub prime lender and request an additional quote.

Visit to find a list of reputable online lenders for a 100% financing bad credit mortgage. Ideally, you should obtain at least four quotes from different lenders. Mortgage comparisons are vital. Besides, its the only way to ensure you are getting the best loan possible. An easier approach entails using a mortgage broker. It's the quickest and most convenient way of obtaining instant online quotes from several mortgage lenders.

View our recommended lenders for bad credit 100 percent mortgage financing online.

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