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11 Reasons to Apply for a Reverse Mortgage Loan
by Sandra Wellman
If you dont know what a reverse mortgage is, or if you qualify, please read our other articles first before proceeding.Reasons to get a reverse mortgage:· You cant keep up with your high medical bills.· Your company l

If you dont know what a reverse mortgage is, or if you qualify, please read our other articles first before proceeding.

Reasons to get a reverse mortgage:

· You cant keep up with your high medical bills.

· Your company let you go before you were eligible for the pension plan.

· Your children are financially sound, but you dont have enough money left after paying the bills to do anything fun or buy anything thats not a necessity.

· These are your golden years and you would like to travel and travel well and often, not a few budget trips.

· Your house is in desperate need of repair, but you dont want the additional monthly bill of a home equity loan or line of credit.

· Social Security isnt enough to pay your bills with.

· You lost a lot of money in the stock market and your savings are pretty small.

· Your children could use major financial help and your savings arent that big.

· You have no children to leave your house to and your nieces and nephews are well taken care of.

· You or your spouse didnt have a life insurance policy and now youre on your own and in trouble financially.

· You retired early or had to retire for various reasons, but you dont yet quality for Social Security or want to wait a few years to get a larger monthly payment.

Whatever the reason is for wanting a reverse mortgage, be sure to read our article on advantages and disadvantages of reverse mortgages so youll be better informed.

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