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Refinancing California Mortgage Loans Understanding the Drawbacks and Advantages
by Carrie Reeder
Prior to refinancing a mortgage loan, homeowners will benefit by examining their financial situation and deciding whether a refinancing is the wisest choice. Today, many homeowners are taking advantage of low interest rates. However, if your h

Prior to refinancing a mortgage loan, homeowners will benefit by examining their financial situation and deciding whether a refinancing is the wisest choice. Today, many homeowners are taking advantage of low interest rates. However, if your home rate is already comparably low, refinancing may not be a good ideal. Here are a few factors to consider before creating a new mortgage.

Reason Behind the Mortgage Refinancing Craze

Within the past six years, home mortgage rates have been steadily declining. For homeowners who purchased their homes during the 1990s, falling rates served to their advantage. Hence, they were able to refinance 8 or 9 percent mortgages for rates around 6 percent.

Homeowners who opted for an adjustable rate mortgage also benefited from low interest rates. Adjustable rates have their advantages. For example, they usually have low initial rates. However, these rates will fluctuate throughout the life of the mortgage loan, which may result in an increased mortgage payment.

For many, the thought of future unpredictable mortgage payments creates a level of stress. To alleviate the problem, several homeowners chose to convert to a low rate fixed mortgage. Fixed rates equal predictable monthly payments that remain the same.

Benefits of Refinancing a Mortgage Loan

There are several advantages to refinancing a mortgage loan. For starters, lower interest rates result in lower mortgage payments. The extra savings can be used to start a savings account or payoff bills.

Moreover, by refinancing a home loan, homeowners have the choice to receive cash at closing. This lump sum of money can fulfill a variety of purposes. Common uses include debt consolidation, home improvement, vacation, retirement, etc.

Drawbacks to Refinancing Mortgage Loans

Before refinancing a home loan, take into consideration closing cost and other fees. Refinancing creates a new mortgage to replace the existing. Hence, homeowners are required to pay certain fees. For this matter, some mortgage professional discourage refinancing when savings are marginal.

To benefit the most from a refinancing, the new mortgage interest rate should be at least two percentage points below the old rate. If opting for a cash-out refinance, a refinancing will increase the total cost owned to your mortgage lender. Additionally, mortgage loans terms are extended.

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