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by Jimmy Sturo
Mortgage is a way of obtaining money for various purposes on credit. Mortgage refers to an agreement based on which an individual can borrow money from an organization by keeping property as collateral. Often, a mortgage is taken for getting money

Mortgage is a way of obtaining money for various purposes on credit. Mortgage refers to an agreement based on which an individual can borrow money from an organization by keeping property as collateral. Often, a mortgage is taken for getting money to build a home or open business. The catch here is that if the loan is not repaid in time, the individual loses his ownership of the collateral.

First mortgage refers to the first loan that is obtained on a property that belongs to you; no prior loans may be taken out against it. Obtaining a mortgage is often a lengthy process and it can stretch ones patience to the limit. People may sometimes opt for a mortgage to obtain quick cash, but this is rarely the case as the procedure takes so long.

Loans may be obtained from banks, insurance companies, and mortgage bankers. Before getting a mortgage, it is advisable to maintain ones finances well. In order to pay back a mortgage, one needs to save money in the long term. Mortgage companies check their customers financial background carefully before granting a mortgage. Therefore to obtain a mortgage, ones credit situation should be sound.

Another important factor to be kept in mind is the plethora of rates floating in the market at any given time. One must have a good idea of these to be able to get a good agreement. If one is not familiar with these rates, it is wise to seek advice from a mortgage broker. They keep track of the rates of various lenders, and are well-informed to judge the best rate for ones first mortgage. However, one must be ready to pay a portion of the final mortgage amount to the broker for his services. This amount can be paid after the deal is finalized.

Since the payment options involve long term commitment, it is necessary to do lots of research before opting for a mortgage solution. Some factors which are important in this context include interest rate type, points, and duration or term.

Mortgages come in two basic forms: fixed rates and floating or adjustable rates. With fixed rate mortgages, the interest rate does not vary until full repayment of the loan. This option is attractive when the rates are low, and one can borrow at this rate and continue payment until repayment. In case floating rate mortgages, the rates vary under the influence of market forces. This is a good option is good if one wants to repay the loan early, as the entry rate is always less than the fixed rate mortgage. If you are not satisfied with the above two options, there is a third option of a hybrid mortgage which gives you the best of both worlds.

If a certain percent of the mortgage is paid up in initially, some lenders may reduce the long-term interest rates. This is good for people who have a large initial amount of capital, yet need to repay the mortgage over a period of time.

If one is taking out a first mortgage, it is advisable to do thorough research or to seek advice from a mortgage broker. An experts advice will take the pain and worry out of finding the right mortgage for ones needs.

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