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Exclusive Mortgage Broker Leads
by Jennifer Bailey
When getting a mortgage, borrowers fill the lead forms in person at the lead providers office or online at the lead providers website. Except in the case of Internet Mortgage and Telemarketing Leads, the lead providing companies collect the lea

When getting a mortgage, borrowers fill the lead forms in person at the lead providers office or online at the lead providers website. Except in the case of Internet Mortgage and Telemarketing Leads, the lead providing companies collect the leads during office working hours, and then mail them out at night to brokers. This means that theres at least an overnights delay in the lead transfer process.

If, on the other hand, Mortgage Brokers have their own web sites that can gather Mortgage Leads, will it not be better? Today, Lead Proving Companies are bringing in the advantages of Web based technology to their Broker clientele as follows: They help the Mortgage Broker, who is registered in their site, with efficient Lead Generation and Management Systems. These are basically web pages that can be handled by the brokers independently. They are designed in such as way that they cover all lead distribution needs as desired by the broker.

By using such Lead Generation and Management Systems the broker can manage the content, upload an Online `Form of Request for Loan filled in by the Borrower, track visits [knowing the number of people who visited the web page], advertise the website in search engines, allocate the desired choice of lead format - html emails, .pdf email attachments, text files, fax, etc. and accomplish many more tasks.

Several independent Mortgage Brokers and Broker Firms go in for this type of system due to its obvious advantages. Broker Firms use the system with an option to work as an exclusive system [where leads reach one loan officer] or non-exclusive system (where leads reach many loan officers) by using their networking facility.

Though these leads cut an edge over other type of leads, these are more expensive, as such systems include a custom designed web site, a few hours of internet and search engine marketing. Lead Providing Companies usually charge a setup fee for the site and a fee per lead with a minimum stipulated fee. Lets take an example. A Lead Provider charges $1,000 for the website and $1 per lead per day, or a minimum fee of $30 if the leads are less than 30 per day. If the Brokers web site mobilizes 50 leads per day, the monthly fee comes to $50. If on the other hand, the site collects only 25 leads per day, the monthly fee is $30. The price includes electronic data transfer just like in paid web based email services.

Though relatively expensive, speed, confidentiality of data and the degree of freedom to the Broker render Exclusive Mortgage Broker Leads unique and popular.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads provides detailed information about exclusive mortgage leads, exclusive internet mortgage leads, exclusive telemarketing mortgage leads, exclusive real time mortgage leads and more. Exclusive Mortgage Leads is the sister site of Life Insurance Leads.

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