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Becoming A Homeowner: Now A Plausible Reality For Poor Credit Holders
by Joanne Elizabeth
A home is not just a four-walled shelter; but for most of us it's a long cherished dream. It's a place where you treasure your fondest memories. You work hard each day in order to save ample funds to purchase a home that you can call your o

A home is not just a four-walled shelter; but for most of us it's a long cherished dream. It's a place where you treasure your fondest memories. You work hard each day in order to save ample funds to purchase a home that you can call your own.

Since buying a home is a huge financial expenditure, therefore you need to take out a mortgage to finance it. Mortgage in simple terms is a loan that you draw to purchase a house. However, the house will be used as security to back the mortgage. In other words, in case you fail to pay back the mortgage, your home will be repossessed.

Do you think your poor credit rating is going to pose as an impediment in your way of getting a mortgage? Well, think again! Your poor credit history will certainly not prevent you from getting a mortgage, although it may not let you get the best rates available.

Moreover, a recent report from Datamonitor has revealed that banks have relaxed mortgage loan rules making it easier for people with abysmal credit rankings to acquire mortgages. An increased saturation in the mainstream market has led to a number of mainstream lenders operating in the non standard segment of lending to people with bad credit ratings. This means that rising competition will make it a lot simpler for a lot of people to get low rate mortgages despite their imperfect credit backgrounds.

A number of factors are taken into consideration while deciding the interest rate on your mortgage. These include your job history, your income, how much adverse credit you have and how long was it incurred. Even if the financial error was committed not so long ago, you can still qualify for a good rate on your mortgage. You can do so by following a few simple steps to credit repair:

. Make sure the monthly payments on any current loans or credit cards are paid on time.
. You should make sure that your name is on the electoral roll.
. Limit the number of queries on your credit.
. Consolidate all your outstanding debts and pay them off as soon as you can.
. If you have filed for bankruptcy, then open new accounts and start rebuilding your credit.

Even if you successfully receive a good mortgage offer, you must first ensure your repayment ability because remember, if you default, your home could come under serious threat.

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