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Mortgage Refinancing for People with Bad Credit - Ways to Reduce Refinancing Costs
by Carrie Reeder
Because of declining home mortgage rates, many people are eager to refinance their existing home loan and take advantage of a lower payment or a fixed rate. In fact, homeowners with bad credit may also benefit and obtain comparable low rates

Because of declining home mortgage rates, many people are eager to refinance their existing home loan and take advantage of a lower payment or a fixed rate. In fact, homeowners with bad credit may also benefit and obtain comparable low rates. Although refinancing is very common, homeowners must be prepared to pay closing costs and other fees. Fortunately, there are ways the financially strapped can save money on a refinancing.

Understanding Refinancing Costs and Fees

Applying for a refinancing is similar to obtaining your initial mortgage. A refinancing creates a new mortgage. Thus, homebuyers are obligated to pay certain costs and fees at closing. Typical fees include broker fees, appraisal, title search, inspections, etc.

For the most part, these fees are paid at closing. If purchasing a new home, the buyer may negotiate and have the seller pay the closing fees. However, if you are the original owner, you may have to employ effective techniques to reduce your closing costs.

Tips to Reduce Refinancing Closing Cost

When refinancing your home, it may be wise to apply for a new home loan with your existing lender. In some instances, the lender may be willing to waive some fees. If a good credit history has been established, the lender will want to keep you as a customer. Hence, you have negotiation power.

Because of low mortgage rates, homeowners may also take advantage of “no or low closing cost” refinancing. With this option, the lender agrees to waive the application fee. Moreover, these lenders will pay the appraisal and title fee for the homeowner.

The downside is that these loans entail a slightly higher interest rate. Nonetheless, “no or low closing cost” loans are beneficial. Because these loans consist of a higher interest rate, this option is more practical for homeowners who plan on moving within three years.

Another common approach for homeowners refinancing involves including all closing fees into the home loan. This will increase the final loan amount. While this approach will not necessarily reduce closing costs, homeowners are not obligated to pay for their closing fees out-of-pocket. This method is perfect for homeowners with little available cash.

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