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by Noel Hynes
Bankruptcy is a legal way to offer folks with high interest debt a fresh financial start in life. In case you are considering personal bankruptcy as an answer to your debt problems, you are not alone. Bankruptcy is on the up and up as consumer deb

Bankruptcy is a legal way to offer folks with high interest debt a fresh financial start in life. In case you are considering personal bankruptcy as an answer to your debt problems, you are not alone. Bankruptcy is on the up and up as consumer debt explodes. Additional reasons for turning to bankruptcy for credit card debt alleviation include medical costs and job loss.

The two main types of bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter thirteen is generally preferable for most people as it allows the defaulter to hold at least some property. It is imperative to understand that a bankruptcy does not remove all your debts overnight. Alimony, income taxes, child financial support and student loans are not exempt from bankruptcy proceedings.

Many people think that filing bankruptcy is an easy way to solve all their debt and credit related problems. Filing bankruptcy is the worst thing you can do as far as your credit is concerned and it is best to learn how to avoid bankruptcy. A bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 5 to 10 years. The new bankruptcy laws require that individuals contemplating bankruptcy take a financial counseling course which is a positive thing. Many find that bankruptcy is not actually the best option for them. Make sure you have all the facts and consider all the alternatives before making a decision that can have far reaching effects.

Most people believe that filing for bankruptcy is a straightforward method to completely eliminate their debt and credit associated issues. Filing personal bankruptcy is in all probability the worst possible thing you will do where your credit is concerned. A bankruptcy appears on your credit report for up to five or even ten years.

The recent bankruptcy act necessitate that individuals contemplating bankruptcy enroll in a financial advice course which is a really good thing. Most will then recognize that bankruptcy is not really the preferable alternative for them at all. Be in no doubt that you need to be in possession of all the facts and consider all of the choices available prior to making at a choice that might have a detrimental effect on your future credit.Bankruptcy Advice

(c) Noel Hynes, 2005. Reprint rights granted to copy and publish this article as long as the article and by-line are reprinted intact. Bankruptcy Advice

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