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by Eddie Tobey
Filing for bankruptcy can be an excruciating moment. Individuals or firms have the option of filing for bankruptcy as a last option when their debts are out of control. Bankruptcy is filed when the debt is extremely high and the creditors are prac

Filing for bankruptcy can be an excruciating moment. Individuals or firms have the option of filing for bankruptcy as a last option when their debts are out of control. Bankruptcy is filed when the debt is extremely high and the creditors are practically camping at the door. Expenses due to medical, legal, or credit card expenses usually make a person lean towards the option of bankruptcy.

Even though bankruptcy provides the individual with a credit free life later, it affects the credit rating for about 10 years, so filing for bankruptcy is not really a very easy option. Also, some cases, such as those dealing with mortgage and alimony, may not even be considered in the court as proper reasons for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy must also be considered only when all other options have been exhausted.

It is possible for the individual to represent himself in court when filing for bankruptcy. However, most bankruptcy laws can seem to be very complicated to a common citizen, so it is suggested to pay a visit to an attorney before filing for bankruptcy. Most attorneys will be able to give clients the general gist of the procedure and an attorney dealing with credit counseling will be able to provide proper guidance.

Most attorneys provide a free consultation regarding the case. It is very important to choose a proper attorney as they can make or break the case by not being actively involved.

It is suggested to run a few enquiries rather than hiring an attorney solely based on the attractive advertisements. Many law firms have licensed attorneys specialized in dealing with bankruptcy cases. It is suggested to select one of these attorneys to deal with the case.

ACcording to a new bankruptcy law that was passed in 2005, credit counseling from a licensed firm is a must at least six months before filing for bankruptcy. Keeping this into account, lots of law firms have started offering these services to the public. These companies are licensed and have representative agents who can help individuals and firms with the credit problems. They might even be able to provide a solution so that the firm or the individual can reach to some form of settlement with the creditors.

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