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by Peter Sissons -
Credit card companies offer potential customers a variety of different deals in an effort to gain their business. When shopping around for a credit card you will often find that various credit card companies will have different offers to make. Often
Credit card companies offer potential customers a variety of different deals in an effort to gain their business. When shopping around for a credit card you will often find that various credit card companies will have different offers to make. Often times reduced rates can be found by those looking to apply for a credit card. 0 interest credit cards, low rate credit cards, and no annual fee credit cards are examples of credit card offers that help credit card companies appeal to potential customers.

0 interest credit cards are one type of offer that is frequently made by credit card companies. With a 0 interest credit card customers are offered no interest rates on the money they spend on their credit card. Often times 0 interest rates are offered by credit card companies for a limited time only. Usually credit cards offer 0 interest rates to new customers for an introductory period of anywhere from six months to a year. Typically interest rates go up slowly following the 0 interest rate period is up. However, it is important for customers who sign up and apply for 0 interest rate credit cards to read their applications carefully and be clear about the amount of time they will receive 0 interest rates and when the rates may change since interest rates can lead to credit card debt.

Some credit card customers may find it worthwhile to apply for a low rate credit card. With fixed low rates, most low rate credit cards will help you avoid getting into severe credit card debt. Low rates typically stay that way and do not increase as may happen with 0 interest rates. However, it is best to speak with a credit card company representative about rates and possible increases.

Another offer made to potential credit card customers is a no annual fee credit card. Annual fees are charged to credit card customers as a fee for being a credit card holder. Sometimes the fee is divided up and charged in smaller increments each month throughout the year but in other instances the annual fee is charged all at once and, depending on the size of the fee, may cause your bill to noticeably increase. It is important for credit card customers to be aware of annual fees, their amounts and when they will appear on the credit card bill.

However, if customers find a no annual fee credit card it may be a worthwhile credit card to consider applying for. Again, in some cases offers are only made for a limited period of time. No annual fee may apply for the first year but then come into effect following the first year. Carefully reading over your credit card application before you apply should clear up any question or confusion over special offers.

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