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Debt Consolidation
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Consolidate Your Government Student Loans
by Matthew C. Keegan
One of the biggest burdens faced by todays students is the repayment of expensive student loans. In a day where room, board, tuition, and books can push college bills up past 20, 30, even 40 thousand dollars per year, many students are finding them
Credit Card Minimum Payments on the Rise
by Kyle Allen
The minimum payment on next months credit card bill could be almost double what you were required to pay this month due to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. How will higher credit card minimum payments affect your

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans - Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan, Even With Poor Credit
by Carrie Reeder
An online debt consolidation loan allows even people with a poor credit to reduce their overall monthly payments and regain their financial footing. While there are personal loans that allow you to do this, tapping into your homes equity is a bet

What You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation
by Bill Thompson
Debt consolidation is often a last resort for people who are in extreme debt and trying to avoid bankruptcy. Many people who are not in danger of bankruptcy, but have debt on high interest credit cards may also choose to consolidate their debt. De

Considering Debt Settlement? What You Should Know
by James Duggan
Your credit card bills are stacking up and for whatever reason you dont have the means to pay the debt. You definitely have choices when you are in this predicament. You can choose to do nothing and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this can caus

Cheap Debt Consolidation Loans - Inexpensive Way of Winning Financial Freedom
by Amanda Thompson
The rising cost of living can force you sometimes to overburden your pocket with loans. It may solve financial issues for the time being but eventually then they are to be paid back. Paying the interest rate on each loan is highly expensive. But i

Escape the Credit Card Death Spiral
by Steve Faber
Youre burdened with crushing debt and at the end of your rope. Theres got to be a way out. You go to the door every day, expecting bad news. Your minimum credit card payments are eating up most of your paycheck every two weeks. You cant go to

Credit Card Purgatory - A 7 Step Comprehensive Plan to Get and Stay out of Credit Card Hell
by Mike Makler
Does this Sound like You? There are 100 shopping Days left until Christmas and your Credit Card Balance is Higher now then it was in the beginning of the year. You may have thought of using your home and getting a debt consolidation loan, A Debt

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