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Debt Consolidation
Debt Relief
Term Life Insurance: The differences between Term and Whole Life policies
by Dan Johnson
Life Insurance quite generally is a policy whereby you pay a company a premium so that if you die while covered your descendents receive financial benefits. Within the larger Life Insurance window there exist two broad categories of policies, Term an
How to Get out of Credit Card Debt Using Self-Help Techniques and Positive Thinking
by dave4
Debt induced stress is one of the most problematic plagues that weaken both the mind and body of those it affects. Managing a busy life, keeping a family together, dealing with inherent health problems all these are things that can become quite overw

Credit Counseling - Six Tips to Avoid Counseling Scams
by Charles Essmeier
Credit counseling is a useful service for anyone with problem debt. A good counseling agency can provide advice regarding money management and debt consolidation. They can also help arrange a repayment plan with your creditors to help you get ou

Debt Consolidation Primer - Four Things You Can Do to Get Out of Debt
by Charles Essmeier
Problem debt is rampant throughout America. In addition to mortgages and auto loans, the average household in the U.S. has nearly $10,000 in credit card debt. As the major credit card companies have recently doubled their minimum payment require

Choosing the Right Credit Counseling Agency for You - Some Tips
by Rick Munster
Credit counseling companies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking at working with a local credit counseling organization or a national credit counseling organization there are some very important factors to calculate before choosin

Online Debt Consolidation - Devising Newer Ways for Changing Consumer Trends
by Ann Gibson
Consumers today are getting wiser by the day. They are educated and enlightened. They know what they want. A change in their needs and demands has led to a complete reworking of the market today. This changing trend has led to some innovations in

Debt Relief
by Graeme Notega -
Any person that uses credit cards, owe money on a personal loan, or pays a home mortgage is a "debtor." Taking loans and making payments has become a standard practice among homebuyers, people looking to purchase a car, or attending college or univer

Bankruptcy Alternatives - 5 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy
by John Edmond
What you are about to read may stop you making the biggest mistake of your financial life. In today's debt ridden society many people are in severe financial difficulties, often for reasons outside their control. Bankruptcy for many, is

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