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The Bankruptcy Code Acknowledges the Validity of the Homestead Exemption
by John Roush
Many times the subject of bankruptcy seems baffling in its complexity. Actually the basic principals of bankruptcy are fairly simple even though the federal statuses on bankruptcy are extensive. The reason that the statutes are so complex is becau
Bankruptcy - It Is Not The End, But A New Beginning
by Natasha Anderson
If you are drowned into a pool of debts and are left with nothing, it is quite certain that you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the situation in which a person owing multiple debts knocks the doors of court so as to relieve himself from this bu

How to Avoid Bankruptcy
by Michael Curry
Many people who are overwhelmed with debt problems consider filing for bankruptcy. However, going bankrupt has a number of serious disadvantages and should be avoided if at all possible.In this article we will discuss why bankruptcy should

What to Do if You are Trying to Avoid Bankruptcy
by Michael Curry
If you are struggling with huge debt problems you are probably feeling very scared and uncertain about what to do. You may even be worrying about the possibility of going bankrupt.However there are a number of things that you can do to try

Avoiding Bankruptcy: Is It Worth It?
by Michael Curry
The stigma of being in debt or going bankrupt seems to be eroding. This is partly because of the sheer number of people who have experienced debt problems in the UK. It is also because debt is seen as an unavoidable feature of everyday life.

Why and How to Avoid Bankruptcy
by Michael Curry
Avoiding bankruptcy no longer seems to be on most debtorsí lists of priorities and the number of recorded bankruptcies is soaring. There were around 70,000 bankruptcies recorded in 2005 and about 45,000 of these were voluntary bankruptcies. This s

Is There An Alternative to Bankruptcy and Debt?
by Michael Curry
The UK consumer debt problem is rocketing out of control. Total consumer debt has passed the £1 trillion mark and now stands at £1.13 trillion. Whilst average household debt across the UK is of £4,092 and is set to rise.Meanwhile the number

Mortgage after Bankruptcy - 3 Things to Know About Getting a Home Loan after a Bankruptcy
by Carrie Reeder
Years ago, people who had a bankruptcy on their credit report were unable to get a decent mortgage, if they were able to get approved for a mortgage at all. However, today, the rules have changed. More and more lenders are offering mortgage loans

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