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Debt Consolidation
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Business Bankruptcy Laws
by Eddie Tobey
Businesses, companies, and firms can file for bankruptcy if they are on the verge of failing all their creditors and losing their position in the market. The laws that deal with such cases are federal bankruptcy laws or Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 l
Low Cost Bankruptcy Filings
by Josh Riverside
By and large, one would notice that when someone files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy they would make a payment of about $450 in attorney fees, where people who file Chapter 13 have to pay more. These cases are in general more costly, the attorney’s fee

by Eddie Tobey
The legal provision of bankruptcy, though sometimes misused, is a progressive and often merciful process. By it, a hopelessly indebted individual can make an official declaration of financial inability and be free of obligation. This may be on a t

Bankruptcy Attorneys
by Eddie Tobey
U.S. bankruptcy attorneys were a pretty rushed lot in the final period before October 17 – that’s when the laws governing bankruptcy ceased being a catchall shelter. There was a quiet stampede of almost 1.25 million applicants who wanted to take a

Bankruptcy FAQs
by Eddie Tobey
As far back as colonial times, every citizen has a constitutional right to file for bankruptcy. By declaring bankruptcy, one is relieved of mandatory collection activities for debts existing at the time of filing by a legal "stay" on these activit

Bankruptcy Laws
by Eddie Tobey
U.S. bankruptcy laws fall under federal statutory law provided by Title 11 of the United States Code. They have been periodically revised and amended to provide full and fair cover for genuine cases and to eliminate the potential for their unlawfu

Filing Bankruptcy in Federal Courts
by Eddie Tobey
One cannot file for bankruptcy through US state courts, since exclusive jurisdiction is vested with Federal courts. The court charges a certain fee at the time of filing, depending on which category of bankruptcy is being filed for. Specifically,

Life After Bankruptcy
by Eddie Tobey
Nobody files for bankruptcy with a completely fatalistic outlook on what lies ahead. Since the provisions available under bankruptcy basically afford a fresh start, maintaining a positive attitude will go a long way in ""coming out from under and

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