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New Bankruptcy Law - What is the "Means Test"?
by Delia Galley
Effective October 17, 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, aka the “new bankruptcy law” became effective. The law imposes certain restrictions, when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. One of the new requireme
Hurricanes and Bankruptcy
by Lance Winslow
During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season there were many bankruptcies from small businesses and individuals who could not pay their bills. All along the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and many people in Florida had lost everything including th

How Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Credit History
by Alan Bernstein
You are laden with debt and experience grave difficulties in paying up. You work from dawn till dusk and hold two jobs, but your income is still inadequate to pay off your outstanding credit card balances. You feel like you are left with no choice

Bankruptcy - Getting Your Credit Back
by Michael Russell
Your bankruptcy case has gone through and you're trying to put all of this behind you. You want to get a fresh start and not make the same mistakes again in the future. It's time to start thinking about rebuilding your credit.No matter

Bankruptcy - Is It The Right Choice?
by Michael Russell
If you're facing a mountain of debt that just continues to keep growing, bankruptcy may seem to be the only way out. You're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Americans face this situation every year. Filing for bankruptcy may seem like an

Unwrapping Bankruptcy
by William Teleo
Bankruptcy is a choice many consider when faced with unmanageable multiple debts. But finance experts agree that declaring oneself bankrupt should be an indebted individual's last resort to meet his dues. It may free a person's mind from the pr

How To File Bankruptcy
by Jakob Jelling
US bankruptcy code is very specific regarding how to file bankruptcy.Bankruptcy code is very confusing and deals with all of the many different types of bankruptcy that a business or person can file. It's important to note that even though

Bankruptcy and the Investor
by Mika Hamilton
Investing is all fun and games until someone goes broke. One hard reality which ever investor has to come to terms with is that you are not always going to gain. In a matter of six months, with bad decisions, a stock portfolio can be completely

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