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Best Credit Card After Bankruptcy... How To Find One
by R. Lawrence Anderson -
Finding the best credit card after bankruptcy is not that difficult, if you know where to look and what to look for. Lets start by talking about secured and unsecured credit cards. When it comes to applying for a credit card after ban
Things to know about credit cards
by Joseph Kenny
A credit card is a card that allows you to borrow money for paying your purchases but bound to a certain limit. At the end off every month either you have to repay the whole amount or a minimum amount. A planned credit strategy will enable you to imp

Credit Cards For Adverse Credit History
by Joseph Kenny
The credit card market is seeing a boom with numerous market players. It has created a kind of choice chaos or rather a clutter. It is important to differentiate between a good and a bad market offer. We all have discussed enough about the good and b

Cash Back vs. Rewards Credit Cards
by Joseph Kenny
Ah, the sweet rewards of using credit! Not only do you get immediate gratification with the buy now-pay later plastic, but now, many credit cards offer rewards and incentives for using their card to make purchases. You can get cash back, or gi

Credit Card FAQs
by Joseph Kenny
What are credit cards? Credit cards let you pay later for any purchase you make. In case of any sort of emergency or urgent situation, when you may not have cash to make payments, credit cards can be helpful. Credit cards are comm

Credit Card Incentives
by Joseph Kenny
Credit card companies want your business. After all, lending money to people is profitable. Besides the interest fees that you'll be charged, the credit card company also collects a fee from merchants who accept their credit cards. In order to get yo

Common Credit Card Terms
by Joseph Kenny
Whether you have a credit card or you are thinking of getting one, what ever is the type of credit card, there is a simple credit card jargon that you must be aware of. Credit Cards: This is a card issued by a financial institutio

History of Credit Cards
by Joseph Kenny
Credit Cards have become an absolute necessity so much so that we take them for granted. A number of money experts have already slated the paper currency as a dying dinosaur. But have you ever wondered where did this plastic money of credit card come

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