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How To Get The Right Credit Score
by Dr. Drew Henry -
Imagine that you are going into a lender's office prepared to apply for and receive a loan. You know what your credit scores are and you even got one score from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax. Experian, and TransUnion. You are shocke
Credit Card Security Advice
by Joseph Kenny
Which of the following is the biggest threat to your credit card security? a) Shopping online with a credit card b) Shopping in a real store with your credit card c) Ordering something over the phone with your credit card The

Making Sense of Credit Card Fees
by Joseph Kenny
In addition to the APR (annual percentage rate) and the finance charges, most credit cards have a number of 'fees' associated with their use. Some fees are unavoidable with a particular card (like an annual fee or a program participation fee), whi

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards
by Joseph Kenny
In their quest to get you to sign up for their credit card, banks and financial institutions are coming up with more and higher incentives to entice you. Frequent flyer miles gave way to gas miles which opened the door for cash rebates and reward poi

Should You Sign Your Credit Card?
by Joseph Kenny
It sounds like a no-brainer. You receive your credit card in the mail, along with a note that tells you, among other things, to sign the back of your credit card immediately. Lately, people have seriously questioned this course of action, pointing ou

Teaching Responsible Credit Card Use
by Joseph Kenny
It's an unfortunate fact that most students never get formal lessons in managing their credit and debt. For many young people, their first brush with being responsible credit card users won't come till they are in college - away from home and the

Five Credit Card Billing Problems and How to Fix Them
by Joseph Kenny
It goes without saying that your first and best defense against paying fraudulent or unfair charges on your credit card is knowing what your bill says! When you receive your credit card statement each month, sit down with it and check each item to ma

Have You Lost Your Credit Cards?
by Brenda Cross
If you have ever lost your wallet or purse with your credit cards inside you know that feeling of fear that sets in. We have all heard so much about identity theft that losing credit cards is enough to strike the fear of God into anyone. If you lose

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