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Factors That Trigger Credit Card Rate Hikes
by Kevin Erickson
Are credit card companies trying to scam you? On the one hand, they provide a valuable service that gives you the added convenience of being able to purchase items and services you need and sometimes don't need and to pay them off in a manner that be
Learn The Credit Card Business Jargon And Stop Your Debt Cold
by Jay Jackson
Credit card companies, as part of the financial industry, use a massive array of jargon. If you understand the terms you can stay on top of your credit card debt. While you can't be expected to recognize all the technical terms, some of them are quit

How Much Is Your Credit Card Really Costing You?
by Sharon Chennault
Most people do not give much thought to how much the use of credit cards really costs. While you may think you are aware of the costs of credit, there are many hidden fees and charges that often go unnoticed by consumers until it is too late. If you

Best Credit Card Processing Rates
by Shane Penrod
Everyone goes into business to make money, so why spend more of your profits on expensive transaction fees, Website maintenance, service agreements and high credit card processing rates? When you take time to shop for the best deals, you can save qui

Improve Your Credit Rating Yourself - Tips How To Do It
by James Smith
A credit score is a rating system creditors use to help determine whether to give you credit, and how much to charge you for it. If you have ever applied for a credit card, loan, or insurance, then there is a file about you known as your credit repor

Toss Your Credit Card Debt And Add Real Alternatives
by Jay Jackson
Did you get an easy credit card in college? Or, are you someone who got one for the convenience of being able to pay without cash? Not aware of other easy ways to borrow money? Millions of us do this thanks to the unavoidable advertising

Credit Cards - Friend Or Foe?
by Greg Smith
At one time or another most all of us apply for and get more credit cards than we need. We feel like we have to be able to purchase almost any type of item at anytime, whether we can really afford it or not. Having several credit cards allows one to

by jay martin
You need to write to the creditor at the address shown on your statement for "billing inquiries. You must Include your name, address, account number, and a description of any errors. Send your letter of dispute as soon as possible. It m

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