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How To Avoid Credit Card Penalties
by Peter Kenny -
It is a sad fact of life that credit card companies are very willing and fast to slap a penalty charge on your account for every mistake, delay and slip up you cause, immediately and without a second thought. These penalty charges can amount to milli
College Student Credit Cards - How to Choose the Best One
by JordanDunham
There are so many credit cards being offered to college students these days that it may be difficult to choose the right college student credit card. It is important to choose carefully to make sure that you have the best deal and rates available.

Why You Should Use A Prepaid Credit Card?
by Bob Janeway
Prepaid credit cards have been growing in popularity over the past few years. But despite the 'credit card' name, no credit is actually involved. Heres how it work's. When a standard credit card is used, you pay for the conv

Credit Card Late Charges And How To Avoid Them
by Matthew C. Keegan
It is simply getting ridiculous the charges credit card companies are imposing on consumers who are late making payments. Yes, creditors have a legal right to do what they are doing, however ethically speaking that is certainly open to debate! Let's

The Truth About Prepaid Credit Cards
by Morgan Hamilton
Prepaid credit cards have been around for over ten years now, although they are just now coming into the spotlight. Prepaid credit cards are basically credit cards backed by major credit card companies that offer you the ability to deposit money onto

3 Free Credit Reports For You
by Matthew C. Keegan
If you were to tell someone that they can have a certain item for free, more than likely their response would be, whats the catch? In the case of credit reports there is no catch, you can now get a free copy of this report through the three

Are We Underestimating What We Spend On Credit Cards?
by Peter1402
An investigation organized by Egg says consumers have greatly underestimated the amount that credit cards are used throughout the United Kingdom, what this means is consumers are spending a lot more than they think. The investigation revealed that wh

The 7 Rules of Credit Card Balance Transfer
by gordgoodfellow
The 7 Rules of Credit Card Balance Transfer Credit card balance transfer is a great way of consolidating your credit card debt, and also finding a way of avoiding the terrible burden that debt can bring. Transfer offers are in high deman

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