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Understanding Mortgage Interest Rates
by Matt Ellsworth
Even before you go hunting for the best mortgage deal for your dream house, you need to have a clear understanding of mortgage interest rates. Mortgage interest rate is one of the biggest factors (though not the only factor) in deciding what mortg
How to Choose the Best Mortgage Leads?
by Finn Jensen
When it comes to trading mortgage leads, there are a lot of good companies out there for you to study, and many roads to travel down when considering which lead type will work best for you. Researching lead companies is an essential aspect when de

Buying a Home after Bankruptcy - Steps for Buying a Home after Bankruptcy
by Carrie Reeder
Getting credit after bankruptcy is very important. However, getting approved for a credit card, auto loan, or home loan with a reasonable rate is challenging. Still, the key to boosting credit score and rebuilding credit is obtaining new acc

Amortization Schedule Calculators
by Richard Romando
The following are some of the best and most popular amortization schedule software applications, and websites that offer web-based amortization schedule tools on the (

Amortization Schedules
by Richard Romando
The term "amortization" has different meanings within different contexts. For example, it refers to the allocation of a lump sum amount to different time periods in business, and the calculation of a program's use of system resources in computer s

Create An Amortization Schedule
by Richard Romando
An amortization schedule, in general, is a record of loan or mortgage payments. This record includes the payment number, date, amount, breakdown of principal and interest and the remaining balance owed after the payment. Here is an example on how

Free Amortization Schedule Calculators
by Richard Romando
Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator, a freeware developed by, lets you to calculate mortgages repayments and create amortization tables without extensive knowledge of finance or computers. It allows you to analyze various combinations of loa

How Amortization Works
by Richard Romando
An amortized loan can be a car loan or a home loan, as long as it is for one specific amount that is to be paid off by a certain date in equal installments. Parts of the payment go toward the interest cost and the remainder goes toward the princip

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