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Comparing Home Equity Loans - Choosing the Right Lender
by Carrie Reeder
A home equity loan or second mortgage gives you the opportunity to borrow money, using your home as collateral. If you are in need of quick cash, a home equity loan is easier than getting a personal bank loan. Banks have certain requirements
The Refinancing Blues
by Christoph Puetz
With mortgage rates going up for months now more and more people are thinking about refinancing existing mortgages. But there are many things to put into consideration when it comes to refinancing a mortgage. This article covers the basics you wil

Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages - Getting The Best Fixed Rate Loan
by Carrie Reeder
If you are purchasing your home and plan on staying rooted for a very long period of time, say forever, and you are financially stable and standing on firm solid ground with a flexible budget, then you might want to explore the option of a fixed-r

Home Equity Line of Credit - Why Get an Equity Loan?
by Carrie Reeder
If you're like most financially savvy folks, you've either refinanced your current mortgage to a rock bottom rate that you can brag about at the family reunion, or you've recently purchased that dream home you've been working hard towar

Benefits of a Home Equity Mortgage Loan
by Carrie Reeder
What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?But what about those homeowners that plan on staying put for a while, or who have just purchased their dream home with no intention of leaving?The answer is simple. Put your home to work fo

Low Income? Credit Problems? How Your Credit & Income History Impacts Your Mortgage Loan
by Carrie Reeder
Your credit history and your history of employment are both major factors that affect your capability of obtaining a mortgage loan. In deciding whether you are a good candidate for a mortgage loan, your lenders will analyze your credit report incl

Reverse Mortgage Loans
by Carrie Reeder
There are a lot of myths dancing around about Reserve Mortgages these days. It seems that most people think that if you're age 62 or over and need money to help pay for home improvements or a cruise to the Bahamas, a reserve mortgage is perfect fo

First Time Home Buyer Tips - Tax Benefits of Owning Your First Home
by Carrie Reeder
Owning a home has many benefits, especially in the world of taxes. From points, to interest, to real estate tax breaks, the government finds a multitude of ways to make owning a home an advantage during tax time.Property Tax Advantage

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