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Online Mortgage Refinance Quotes - Tips to Finding a Better Rate
by Brad Jacobsen
Do you know the benefits on the Internet today when searching for a lender to refinance your mortgage?It definitely can be a daunting task and even an agonizing search to get lined up with a refinanced mortgage with better terms and rates.
Good Mortgage Broker vs. Bad Mortgage Broker
by Brian Pollard
According to the NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers), two out of three Americans work with a mortgage broker to purchase a home because of the brokers expertise and wide selection of loan products and lenders. However, with so many so

Let Your Lender Help You Save Your Home!
by Bill Young
A newly released study by Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant and the Roper Organization; professional pollsters, showed that 61% of delinquent homeowners did not know about workout options offered by lenders designed to help them save their home.

Home Mortgage Refinance Loans - Understanding No-Cost and Low-Cost Mortgage Refinancing
by Carrie Reeder
While refinancing your home loan may appear attractive, it is important to consider the costs before refinancing. Refinancing your current mortgage creates a new home loan. The process is identical to obtaining the initial home loan, thus, homeown

Understanding Second Mortgages and Tax Deductions
by Carrie Reeder
Second mortgages have different tax deductions than an initial mortgage. The government places limits on the amount and circumstances that paid interest can be deducted. The following principles will give you a general understanding of the rules.

What to Know About Refinancing - Eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance
by Carrie Reeder
The home buying process varies. In some instances, new homeowners are able to complete the loan process and move into their new home within a few weeks. On the other hand, it may take several weeks to close on the loan. Individuals who purchase a

Cheap Home Loans are not Available as a Readymade Potion - Need to Work to Make Them Happen
by Daniel Louis
For most people in the UK, home loans necessarily connote cheap finance. How can they not get cheaper finance when they have offered lien on home to loan provider? Loan providers however devise ways to overcharge borrowers who are not much convers

Reverse Mortgage - Reverse your Monthly Mortgage Payment
by Troy Shellhammer
One of the most frequent questions that we receive when assisting with Reverse Mortgages is, “If I already have a mortgage, can I still do a Reverse Mortgage?” The consensus seems to be that most people believe the answer to this questions is no.

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