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Fixed vs Adjustable Rates
by Carey Pott
Apples vs. oranges. Boxers vs. briefs. Dave Letterman vs. Jay Leno. These debates may rage on for decades, and we can add another one to the list: fixed vs. adjustable. Were speaking, of course, of fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages.
Are We Reaching A R/E Tipping Point?
by Matthew Keegan
Not many people are publicly saying it, but a crucial "tipping point" in the current real estate market may be within reach. Specifically, with the Federal Reserve Bank having recently announced its 17th consecutive interest rate hike, adjustable

Mortgage Loans: How to Avoid Bad Lenders
by Louie Latour
The majority of mortgage lenders are honest lenders that want to help people as they can. There are however, a number of lenders that take advantage of people. These dirty mortgage lenders take advantage of you by overcharging for finance charg

Mortgage Loans: No Money Down Mortgages
by Louie Latour
If you are considering purchasing a home but do not have the necessary 20% down payment you can still qualify for financing. Here is what you need to know about financing your home with no money down.Financing your home without a down paym

Unique Mortgage Refinancing Schemes
by OptionRefi
Why Get Mortgage Refinancing? If you already have a mortgage loan you are no doubt aware of the steady decline in mortgage rates over the years. Don't you wish you had a way of making use of the dip in interest rates? Well that's exactly what we o

How A Mortgage Calculator Can Save You Bundles Of Time
by Angel Estrella
A mortgage calculator is perhaps the most valuable tool for anyone shopping for a new home. The reason is because a mortgage calculator can provide a variety of different figures, including monthly payments, affordability and interest costs. A m

The Right Way To Get Funds Secured Home Equity Loans
by James Taylor
What is the most secured and most comfortable place in this world? If you ask this question to yourself, there is only one perfect answer that will come to your mind for sure. And that answer is your own home. But your home is not only confined to

For Your Instant Needs With Short Term Property Loan
by Aldrich Chappel
Many of your property deals just end up just because you dont have enough funds when you need them. A thought comes in your mind to sell the property which you are having with you to buy the new one from sale proceeds. As everybody knows it takes

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