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Mortgage Loans - LTV (Lending Risk Ratio)
by Carrie Reeder
When buying your home, it is imperative to have as much money as possible for your down payment. Not only should you save for your down payment, but also tap your personal savings, any stocks, bonds and real estate, and gather your family gifts. C
Are Mortgage Brokers Evil?
by Cyrus Zahabian
In the 1990's everyone was crying about how evil lawyers and contractors are. Lawyer jokes were common tales told around cocktail tables and functions. At the turn of the decade, mortgage brokers were added to the list and they too are under a lot

Picking the Best Mortgage
by Martin Lukac
There are so many mortgage options available today. Don't just take the first one to offer nice terms -- this is a big investment.And with any big investment, you have to shop around for the best mortgage available. Think about it, by the t

Things to Avoid When Applying for a Home Loan - the Five Don'ts to Get the Best Mortgage
by Ken Go
The good news is that more people than ever can buy a home. Now for something a little less palatable: its going to take a lot of patience, restraint and some careful planning to get there.Here are some warning tips on what to avoid doing

Mortgages - Types Of Interest Rate
by Michael Aldridge
Types of Interest RateWhen you have researched into all the different mortgage types and found a suitable one for you. Now is time to look into what type of interest rate you wish to pay. The type of interest you wish to pay will dep

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Finding a Home Loan with Bad Credit
by Carrie Reeder
With hundreds of subprime lenders online, you can quickly find a home loan with bad credit. Taking the time to get your financing first will save you both time and money. You can also select loan terms that best fit your budget needs. Start

Compare Mortgage Rates for Refinancing - Why Obtain Multiple Quotes?
by Carrie Reeder
Obtaining multiple refinancing quotes will save you money and future headaches. By researching several lenders, you will find the most competitive rates. You will also be able to select a company that provides excellent terms and service for

Pay No Closing Costs for Refinancing - The Advantages of a No Closing Cost Loan
by Ken Go
If you hear the term "Absolutely No Closing Cost," you would assume that there are no closing costs (lender, escrow and title) involved in the loan. But actually this is really just a creative way of marketing or selling this type of loan. Is ther

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