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Bad Credit Home Mortgage Lenders - 3 Things to Expect
by Carrie Reeder
Home mortgage lenders can get you into a home even if you have bad credit. When dealing with a subprime lender, you can expect easier application requirements. You can also choose just the right mortgage terms, from a fix rate to an interest only
New Home Mortgage? Preparing for the Mortgage Loan Process
by Carrie Reeder
Two common mishaps that are associated with deciding on a mortgage lender are:1) Not Being Prepared2) Not Shopping Around - If you have decided to take the mortgage plunge, it is in your best interest to be as prepared and knowledgea

Mortgage Loans - LTV (Lending Risk Ratio)
by Carrie Reeder
When buying your home, it is imperative to have as much money as possible for your down payment. Not only should you save for your down payment, but also tap your personal savings, any stocks, bonds and real estate, and gather your family gifts. C

Second Mortgage / Home Equity vs. Refinance
by Benjamin Ehinger
Why should you take out a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit instead of refinancing?Well,………You Shouldnt!!Why Not?1. Second Mortgages usually have an interest rant that is twice or even three times as high as

Reverse Mortgages - Funding Retirement
by Sergio Haros
With people living longer and longer, funding retirement can become a stressful situation. Reverse mortgages can help home owners avoid worries about cash flow.Reverse MortgagesReverse mortgages are essentially a method for turning t

2% Rule
by Ron Vignari
Reasons to FinanceThere are many good reasons to refinance your current mortgage, or get a second mortgage and pull equity out of your home. Here are just a few.1. Adding structural additions or improvements to your home.2. Ge

Solutions For Bad Credit Home Loans
by Susan Dean
Obtaining bad credit home loans is something that more and more people are looking to do. For many, the fact that rates are so low is a sign that it is time to own your own house. But, this is hard for those who have poor scores to take advantag

Home Improvement Loans - Credit Lines and 2nd Trust Deed Loans
by Sergio Haros
Once you own a home, youll get the urge to make home improvements. Often, youll need a home improvement loan.Home Improvement LoansWhether youve lived in a home for years or just purchased it, youll get the urge to make improv

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