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Bad Credit Home Mortgage Lenders - 3 Things to Expect
by Carrie Reeder
Home mortgage lenders can get you into a home even if you have bad credit. When dealing with a subprime lender, you can expect easier application requirements. You can also choose just the right mortgage terms, from a fix rate to an interest only
Bad Credit Mortgage Company Using Mortgage Brokers to Find a Lender
by Carrie Reeder
Using a mortgage broker to find bad credit financing will help you secure the most reasonable rates in a short period. In some cases you can get better than market rates or terms by the special offers arranged by the mortgage broker. Even if

Refinance Your ARM Loans before Rates go any Higher
by Ken Go
There have been a good number of inquiries as to whether it is time to refinance home loans. Of course, the answer definitely would depend on the whole scenario for each borrower. Our company policy is very different from other mortgage companies.

Ways to Avoid Mortgage Insurance
by Adrian Skiles
There are a number of ways for borrowers to avoid or reduce the amount of mortgage insurance typically required when obtaining a mortgage. First lets look at what mortgage insurance is, what it does and does not do. Mortgage Insurance covers the

Understanding Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
by Adrian Skiles
Mortgage Insurance covers the mortgage lender against loss caused by a mortgagor's default. It may cover all or part of the loss and it may or may not relieve any liability on the borrowers part if default on the mortgage occurs.Private Mor

On-Line Mortgage Calculator
by Jennifer Tweed
Are you looking to make more profit from investment property? Learn how you can by using some of the best buy to let mortgage products. Using an on-line buy to let mortgage calculator will help you work out your monthly repayments on a buy to let

Poor Credit? Refinance Your Mortgage and Still Save Money
by Greg Pashby
Believe it or not, if you are suffering from bad credit, you can potentially lower your monthly bills by refinancing your existing home mortgage. Homeowners applying for a new home loan do so in order to replace their existing loan, creating a new

Is a Reverse Mortgage Good for Me?
by Ken Go
A reverse mortgage is a loan against the equity in the home that provides tax-free cash advances, but requires no payments during the term of the loan. Since there are no monthly payments during the life of the loan, the balance grows larger and t

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