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Fixed vs Adjustable Rates
by Carey Pott
Apples vs. oranges. Boxers vs. briefs. Dave Letterman vs. Jay Leno. These debates may rage on for decades, and we can add another one to the list: fixed vs. adjustable. Were speaking, of course, of fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages.
Get a Better California Mortgage Rate
by Christopher Luck
It is the dream of almost every American to one day own their own home, and the time has never been better to check mortgage rates in California. While you may think, for whatever reason, financial or otherwise, that this may not be the right time

Save Thousands on Your Home by Utilizing California Refinance
by Christopher Luck
Whenever I hear the word refinance or mortgage, I start to get nervous. In California, most folks like to relax, enjoy the sun, sky and surf (or mountains if you have em) and not mess around with their hard-earned homes. But California Refinance

The Way to a Better Home: A North Carolina Mortgage
by Christopher Luck
Few areas in North America are as beautiful, as prosperous, and growing as fast as North Carolina, and that has brought a massive influx in home starts in the Carolinas region over the past few years. Home owners and investors have been looking to

Getting to Know Your Mortgage Company
by Christopher Luck
When it comes time to buy a home, most people find they need the services of a mortgage company. After all, who has $200,000 in cash lying around? Without some kind of home loan, most people would not be able to buy a house at all.And so th

Adverse Credit Mortgage Loans - 3 Tips on Getting Approved
by Carrie Reeder
All types of mortgage loans are available for people with adverse credit. Regardless of your credit score, you can purchase a home. What is difficult is finding the right rates with the right terms. Fortunately, with a little bit of research and w

Buying a Home with Bad Credit - Benefits of Bad Credit Home Loans
by Carrie Reeder
Buying a home with bad credit enables you to start rebuilding your credit score. You can also enjoy the thought of growing your equity, a valuable investment. Besides these common benefits of homeownership, with a subprime mortgage you can also av

Online Mortgage Calculators: What Can They Do For You?
by Dylan Miles
If you are planning on applying for a mortgage, the very best thing you can do before you do anything else is to locate and use a mortgage calculator. You can find many loan and mortgage calculators online. Simply use your favorite web browser and

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