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Debt Consolidation
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Let Your Lender Help You Save Your Home!
by Bill Young
A newly released study by Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant and the Roper Organization; professional pollsters, showed that 61% of delinquent homeowners did not know about workout options offered by lenders designed to help them save their home.
California Mortgages
by Kevin Stith
A Mortgage is a long-term loan for a large amount, commonly taken for a property or a house. It is a kind of home loan except that it is termed for longer. Mortgages are available through banks, private lenders, or property sellers. Unlike persona

California Reverse Mortgages
by Kevin Stith
California Reverse Mortgages are a different kind of mortgages that are proving to be very popular with senior citizens. A Reverse Mortgage allows the property owner to stay in the house, unlike the regular kind of mortgage that dictates that the

California Second Mortgages
by Kevin Stith
A mortgage is a long-term loan for a large amount, commonly taken for a property or a house. It is a kind of home loan except that it is termed for longer. Mortgages are available through a bank, private lenders, or property sellers.One adv

What is the 1% or 1250% Mortgage Interest Rate All About?
by Ken Go
Is this real, are you kidding? Yes and No. There really are programs such as this available but a report issued by a Wall street firm suggests that some low-payment loans in todays hot market could cause problems for borrowers who dont really un

More Consumers Using Internet for Real Estate / Mortgage Information
by Jim Woodard
A record number of consumers are using the Internet when shopping for a home or mortgage. Back in 1995, only two percent of homebuyers used the Internet. By year 2004, that proportion had risen to 74 percent. The most recent survey shows 77 percen

Mortgage Can Be A Long Engagement
by Michael Colucci
Mortgage is a legal tool that pledges a real estate property as repayment in order to obtain a loan. Even though a person does not have enough funds to buy a property outright in cash, he can do so through mortgage. Mortgage provides the guarantee th

Mortgage Companies - Prime Lenders vs Sub Prime Lenders
by Carrie Reeder
For the best rates and fees, look to a prime lender to give you top financing due to your excellent credit score. For those with poor credit, turn to a sub prime lender for reasonable rates on mortgage loans. You will also find more flexibil

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