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Buying a House after Bankruptcy - Loans Options for First Time Home Buyers
by Carrie Reeder
Having bad credit will greatly affect your credit applications, especially if you have filed bankruptcy. If you have previously owned a home, and maintained a good payment history, lenders may give you a loan following a bankruptcy. However, if yo
Buying a Home After a Foreclosure - 3 Tips to Getting Approved
by Carrie Reeder
Foreclosures create a major blemish on your credit report. You may pay a higher percentage rate for auto loans, consumer loans, and credit cards. Moreover, some lenders are unenthusiastic to grant you a new mortgage loan. Despite setbacks, obtaini

Mortgage Loans - The Basics
by John Campbell
A mortgage may be the largest investment of your entire life.Deciding whether or nor a mortgage is right for you may also be the single most important financial decision you ever make.Getting down to basics, a mortgage is a loan you

The Hidden Influence of Credit on Mortgage Availability
by John Campbell
Many people believe that having few, if any, credit cards and not having any debt is good for their credit…and theyre all wrong!Credit scores do not improve unless you have credit accounts with some debt accumulated, with all of the requir

The Tangled Web of Mortgage Closing Costs
by John Campbell
When you're finally ready to finalize the purchase of a new home and have a mortgage ready to be signed, you may be responsible for paying up to several thousands of dollars in fees associated with the mortgage closing upfront.Any professio

20 Percent Down? Not Necessarily
by John Campbell
Historically, consumers who were approved for mortgage loans were required by lenders to make down payments equal to 20 percent of the value of the home they were interested in buying. With many lenders today, the mandatory 20 percent down payment

Mortgage Refinancing May Not be in Your Best Interests
by John Campbell
Refinancing your mortgage may be an excellent strategy to save a lot of money on your mortgage in the long run. If not used wisely, however, a refi could make your home much more expensive to pay off.On paper, mortgage refinancing may seem

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders - How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rate
by Carrie Reeder
When submitting an application for a mortgage loan, obtaining a low interest rate is a top priority. A low interest rate may reduce your monthly mortgage payment, which may present the option to purchase a larger home. If you have good credit, fin

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