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The Tangled Web of Mortgage Closing Costs
by John Campbell
When you're finally ready to finalize the purchase of a new home and have a mortgage ready to be signed, you may be responsible for paying up to several thousands of dollars in fees associated with the mortgage closing upfront.Any professio
Refinancing Guide - Refinancing Reduces Mortgage Payments
by Sardool Sikandar
Term refinancing is used to apply for a secured loan in order to replace existing loan that is secured by same assets. Refinancing is generally used for home mortgage. It is used to make a payment of other debts or to reduce the interest costs. Re

Loans for Home Improvement & Renovation
by V. Jain
Home improvement includes house repairs as well as house renovation. House repairing is an ongoing process for many people. There is always a breakdown of one thing or the other in your house. Plumbing is one of the most common repair works. Elect

Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Buy Your Dream Home
by Gerald Njuguna
While the lender will be asking for you for a lot of background information in order to ensure you are the best fit for the money they will loan out, there are critical questions you should ask the lender as well. Failure to ask mortgage lende

What Are You Looking For - Homeownership or Rented House?
by J. Vipul
Home is one of the basic needs of every human being. As long as you live with your parents, home is not one of your priorities. But when you start working and come to live in a different city, you realize the importance of a home. When you leave y

11 Reasons to Apply for a Reverse Mortgage Loan
by Sandra Wellman
If you dont know what a reverse mortgage is, or if you qualify, please read our other articles first before proceeding.Reasons to get a reverse mortgage:· You cant keep up with your high medical bills.· Your company l

Understanding Credit Scoring on Mortgage Refinancing or Second Mortgage Loans
by Bob Peckenpaugh
For years, lenders have utilized "credit scoring" to determine whether or not an individual is a good credit risk. Credit scoring has recently become a hot topic, due in large part by the mortgage lending industry's willingness to use the process

Becoming A Homeowner: Now A Plausible Reality For Poor Credit Holders
by Joanne Elizabeth
A home is not just a four-walled shelter; but for most of us it's a long cherished dream. It's a place where you treasure your fondest memories. You work hard each day in order to save ample funds to purchase a home that you can call your o

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