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Let Your Lender Help You Save Your Home!
by Bill Young
A newly released study by Freddie Mac, the mortgage giant and the Roper Organization; professional pollsters, showed that 61% of delinquent homeowners did not know about workout options offered by lenders designed to help them save their home.
Home Equity Loans Explained - Beware the Risks
by David R
In short, if youre a home owner and are after some serious cash, then a home equity loan could be the best option for securing it. Home equity loans, also known as equity release, are calculated from what your house is currently worth to what has

Let Your House Generate Cash for You - Take Out a Homeowner Loan
by V. Jain
The lending business is one of the oldest businesses of the world. Right from the ancient times, there have been people who have more money than what they require and those who require more money than what they have. People with surplus money, cal

Home Equity Loans: Alternative Lines of Credit
by Greg Pashby
The juxtaposition of increasing interest rates and declining mortgage rates encourages borrowers to seek lines of credit other than home equity loans. Nowadays, home owners often make interest payments on their home equity loans that are higher th

Advanced Home Loan Language
by Helena Hill
Every profession has its own language. Whether its taking your car in for repairs, or going to the dentist for a check-up, each job uses specialized words. The same is true in home buying, selling, especially when applying for a mortgage.W

10 Must-Know Mortgage Terms
by Alex Peterson
Shopping for a new home is fun and exiting! Yet securing financing to buy real estate can be stressful. The more you know about the home mortgage business, however, the smoother your transaction will be. To help you get a handle on financing termi

Banks Just Love Those Home Equity Loans
by Adam Jackson
There are a number of great benefits to taking out a home equity loan; not least the opportunity to open a line of credit, pay existing debts or put your children through college, the list is endless. There are also positive tax benefits, if your

Save $174,000 On Your Home Mortgage
by Craig Cherry
On your existing $150,000 30-year mortgage at 7%, you will pay over $359,000 in total payments. I don't know about you, but the idea that it will cost me $209,000 in interest to borrow $150,000 for my house is not a pleasant thought. Banks

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