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Debt Consolidation
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Home Loan Refinance and Debt Consolidation
by Carrie Reeder
Refinancing your home loan and cashing out part of your equity can help you consolidate your debt with lower rates. By starting with a pay off plan, you can enjoy being debt free in a few years. As with any type of refinancing, check out loa
Mortgages. Higher Lending Charges Are Outrageous.
by Michael Challiner -
After you scraped together a modest deposit for your new home you may think you're home and dry. Think again. On top of there's the surveyors and solicitors to pay. Then the government want a slice. You've got to pay stamp duty at 1% of the pr

Buy To Let Mortgages. Boom Time Returns.
by Michael Challiner -
After last years crisis of confidence the buy-to-let market is again booming. Earlier worries that interest rates were on the up and property values would crash are firmly behind us. So, fuelled by rising rental yields confidence, landlords have been

How to Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage
To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must be at least 62 and have paid off all or most of your home mortgage. Income is generally not a factor, and no medical tests or medical histories are required. If you seek an HECM, you also must undergo free

Whats The Mortgage Rate?
by Maksim Fisher
A mortgage rate is the amount of interest that you will pay for your home purchase. If you are in the market for purchasing a home, then you know that there are many deals to be had. There are many various companies offering low cost financing and lo

Take The Time To Educate Yourself Before Buying Your Home
by Tony Lorenzo
Most of us wouldnt dare pick up the phone and invest our life savings in the stock market without the assistance of a broker who knows how the stock market works or at least learning a little about the stock market, ourselves. Buying a home is u

Which Home Equity Loan Is Right For You?
by Barry McDonald
If youre thinking “How do I find the best deal?” “What should I be looking for? The best advice is take your time and see what loans are available to you. Dont jump at the first youre offered. Consider everything about the loan not just

Taking on Home Ownership
by Jennifer Hershey
So the time has come for you to purchase a home and take on home ownership.Home ownership will be perhaps the largest responsibility you ever take on in your life. But it will most likely be the most rewarding thing you ever take on in your

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