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Mortgage Refinancing May Not be in Your Best Interests
by John Campbell
Refinancing your mortgage may be an excellent strategy to save a lot of money on your mortgage in the long run. If not used wisely, however, a refi could make your home much more expensive to pay off.On paper, mortgage refinancing may seem
Zero Down Payment Mortgage Loans
by Sergio Haros
The days of most home owners putting ten percent down on a 30 year mortgage are long gone. One new option is zero down payment mortgage loans.Zero Down Payment Mortgage LoansWhenever you are looking for a loan, there are some good pr

Zero Down Payment Mortgage Loans
by Dan Lewis
The days of most home owners putting ten percent down on a 30 year mortgage are long gone. One new option is zero down payment mortgage loans. Zero Down Payment Mortgage Loans Whenever you are looking for a loan, there are

Eliminating Compounding Interest with a Second Mortgage
by Rebecca Oconnor
Debt consolidation can be a confusing subject. There are many conflicting views on what a consumer buried in credit card debt should do to get back on their feet. These conflicting views have everything to do with the fact that the best solution is a

9 Tips on Applying for a Second Mortgage
by Maria Ny
People usually apply for a second mortgage or home equity loan when they need money for debt consolidation, to pay large expenses or for home remodeling and home improvement. Second mortgages are generally categorized as fixed interest rate home equi

The Benefits of Remortgaging Your Home
by Charles Ferrars
Britain has become a nation of homeowners… Unfortunately, forty percent of all UK homeowners are blindly staying with their standard variable rate mortgages unaware that they are potentially losing out on some big time savings. If you

Mortgaging For Funds
by Michael Challiner -
Almost one pensioner in four does not have enough money to fund their retirement, research from Prudential reveals, and one property-owning pensioner in five thinks they will have to downsize to make up the difference. Along with those f

Mortgage Refinancing Can Still be a Good Deal
by Louie Latour
Just because interest rates are rising doesnt mean you should forget refinancing your mortgage. There are many reasons for refinancing beyond getting a better interest rate. If you are considering refinancing your mortgage here is what you need

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