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Understanding Second Mortgages and Tax Deductions
by Carrie Reeder
Second mortgages have different tax deductions than an initial mortgage. The government places limits on the amount and circumstances that paid interest can be deducted. The following principles will give you a general understanding of the rules.
Low Credit Score Mortgage Refinance - Refinance Loans for All Credit Types
by Carrie Reeder
Having bad credit may seem like the end of the world. Because of a negative credit rating, you may be turned down for personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages. Those unfamiliar with bad credit lenders may attempt to obtain fin

First Time Home Buyer Loans - Home Buying Advice for First Timers
by Carrie Reeder
Purchasing your first home is an exciting and scary time. For the most part, new homebuyers are unfamiliar with the home buying process. Before accepting a mortgage loan, it is important to educate yourself on various loan programs. Furtherm

U.S. Homeowners Oppose Proposal to Replace Home Mortgage Interest Rates Deduction 15% Tax Credit
by Monte Helme
Only six percent of homeowners said they favored the proposal. The remaining nine percent said they were undecided.In addition to replacing the home mortgage interest deduction an important component of the U.S. tax code since 1913 the

Can Refinancing Your Mortgage Really Make You More Money?
by Ryan Atkinson
Refinancing your mortgage leads to freeing up cash or making money available for other purposes. A new mortgage leads to investment options that were not previously available to you. Refinancing to pull money out makes sense as long as you make a

If You Don't Know What An Interest Only Loan Is You May Be Losing Money
by Ryan Atkinson
Interest only mortgage loans are a relatively new option for the average home purchaser. They were designed to offer low payments, since there is no principal being repaid, while offering the choice to make lump sum payments against principal when

Looking For No Money Down Mortgage Loans?
by Ryan Atkinson
If you are shopping for no money down mortgage loans, its a good idea to look at your credit report before you shop. No money down mortgage loans are available to those with good credit or other assets that can be put up as collateral or security

Are HUD Reverse Mortages Good for Retirement?
by Charles Kirkendall
HUD reverse mortgages can be a great option for Seniors that are looking for additional sources of retirement funds. Through a HUD reverse mortgage, seniors can tap into the equity from their homes without having to make repayments. These extra

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