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Online Mortgage Calculators: What Can They Do For You?
by Dylan Miles
If you are planning on applying for a mortgage, the very best thing you can do before you do anything else is to locate and use a mortgage calculator. You can find many loan and mortgage calculators online. Simply use your favorite web browser and
What are Mortgage Points?
by Mike Wells
One point is equivalent to one percent of the loan amount. Mortgage points are considered by the IRS to be a form of pre-paid interest. This means that mortgage points can be deducted from taxable income. Most lenders require that a borrower pay o

Mortgage Loan Negotiation Using Your Appraisal As Leverage
by Lin Sasser
If a mortgage applicant is low on money for out of pocket expenses when applying for a mortgage loan, the applicant should ask the mortgage companies they are interviewing if they will pay for the appraisal up front. Although, the mortgage compan

Does Paying Points on a Mortgage Make Sense?
by Martin Lukac
You've found your dream home and are now ready to start shopping for a mortgage. Several lenders have talked about points. You've heard that paying points is the only way to get a low interest rate. But is increasing your initial costs worth ge

Mortgage Refinancing Tips - Your Power
by Sergio Haros
As interest rates continue to creep upwards, many home owners are looking at refinancing options. Here are some mortgage refinancing tips.Mortgage Refinancing TipsRates have been increasing steadily for the last six months. These inc

Mortgages - Points and Interest Rates Go Hand in Hand
by Sergio Haros
When it comes to mortgages, many people tend to look at points and interest rates as to separate issues. In fact, they can almost always be used as leverage against each other.Points and Interest RatesTwo critical components of a hom

Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Negative Amortization
by Sergio Haros
For many borrowers, adjustable rate mortgages are an attractive means of qualifying for a home. Fewer borrowers realize the potential negative amortization problems these loans can create.Adjustable Rate MortgagesAdjustable rate mort

Thought You Can Go All Alone in Mortgages! Mortgage Advice Will Be Beneficial in Important Decisions
by Ann Gibson
“Mortgage”, the word sounds so familiar. You must have seen hundreds of advertisements relating to mortgage loans. But, ever thought how it can help getting cash you needed to buy a home. So, keep reading and find how mortgage loan offers easy acc

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