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Low Interest Rate Second Mortgages - How to Get Approved?
by Carrie Reeder
Second mortgages are useful for several reasons. Needing extra money for large projects is common. This may include home improvements, debt management, wedding expenses, and education. While some people attempt to acquire a sizeable savings accoun
Home Secured Loan: A Home A SHELTER With A New Meaning!
by Marsha Claire
A Home Secured Loan is like any other secured loan, taken by placing your home as collateral with the creditor. Lenders look favorably on people who are home owners as this demonstrates a commitment to repay the loan on time. Although you are stil

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans: Pros and Cons
by Greg Pashby
Mortgage loans that offer fixed interest rates are the most common type of loan for new home buyers. Since the interest rates are stable, long term homeowners can budget their finances accordingly because they will be safeguarded against rising in

Mortgage Refinance Tips And Advice
by Cyrus Zahabian
For the average person who does not work in the mortgage industry, the mortgage jungle is very overwhelming. Mortgages are complicated! This article is a small collections of tips and advice of what an average person should know when looking for

Reverse Mortgages More Favorable in '06
by Jim Woodard
Senior homeowners can obtain a more generous reverse mortgage loan in 2006 than ever before meaning they can convert a greater portion of the equity in their homes into tax-free income using one of these special mortgage plans. The new rules aff

No Bubble-Bursting in 2006
by Jim Woodard
No bubble-bursting is in sight for real estate sales in this new year of 2006. This is now expected to be the second best year in history for residential property sales, according to analysts at the National Association of Realtors. “Home sales ar

Hybrid Mortgage Popularity Growing
by Jim Woodard
Hybrid mortgages are becoming the “loan of choice” for increasing numbers of borrowers, it was revealed in the 22nd Annual Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Survey, conducted by Freddie Mac, a major buyer of existing home mortgages. A hybrid mortgage

How to Avoid Foreclosures
by Jim Woodard
Its amazing how many families lose their homes needlessly. When a family encounters financial problems and cant keep their mortgage payments up to date, they could explain their situation to their lender or mortgage servicer and probably work ou

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