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How to Get Multiple Mortgage Rate Quotes With Fewer Credit Inquiries
by Lin Sasser
It is a common technique for a loan officer to tell his/her customer not to have other inquiries on their credit because it may cost them their loan. Although, this in rare circumstances may be true, it is usually an exaggeration by the loan offi
Trouble Brewing For Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders
by Louie Latour
Recently the bond market in the United States went topsy-turvy with a movement that will cost homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages a lot of money. The condition is called an inverted yield curve, and it could drive mortgage payments higher f

Buy A House With Poor Credit - Getting Approved After A Foreclosure
by Carrie Reeder
Getting approved for a mortgage after a foreclosure is easy. Finding reasonable rates on a home loan is harder with poor credit. However, by searching lenders, improving your credit, and negotiating your terms, you can buy a home even with a

Are You Being Offered A Home Equity Loan That Sounds Too Good To Be True?
by Barry McDonald
Have you received a home equity offer that seems too good to be true. Chances are it probably is. When looking at any type of large loan especially one secured on your home, care needs to be taken. Beware of any loans being offered by mail, pho

Should You Buy A House When You Have Bad Credit?
by Sharon Listner
Over 33 million Americans struggle with bad credit and the number is increasing. The skyrocketing cost of homes, transportation, schooling, etc only exacerbates the situation. Living paycheck to paycheck has become a way of life and for some thes

What To Do When You Need A Home Improvement Loan But Have Bad Credit
by Delia Galley
You either bought a fixer-upper at a good price, in the hopes that you can refurbish it into the little gem that it used to be or you bought the house, when it was in its prime and now it needs a little pick me up.Whatever your reason is, h

Bad Credit Mortgage - Sometimes Bad Credit History can be Rewarded
by Troy Francis
When you have bad credit you wonder what lenders will offer you for a mortgage deal on your home. The big obstacle, as you know, was your bad credit history. To add to the all the fears, there were a few pals of yours who held that the deals offer

Past Due Mortgage Payments - How Behind Can You Be?
by Dee Reavis
What you need to know about the foreclosure process. Learn what your rights are. How past due on mortgage payments can you be? In a nutshell here is what happens in a foreclosure: You are behi

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