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Tips To Take Control Of Debt Collection
by Debs Seeber
Yes, debt collection tips can help. You may think you have no power when the debt collector comes calling, but think again! Creditors don't like losing out on the ability to collect money owed them. And most creditors will take steps to settle an
How Do You Spell Debt Relief?
by Tim Gorman
Of all the problems possible in a marriage, finances cause the most marital discord. Many singles consider finances to be their most worrisome issue. Many times this is due to a heavy debt burden. Several options exist to help people get debt reli

Do It Yourself Debt Relief
by Tim Gorman
With mounting bills and unforeseen hardships, you may be considering some form of debt relief. There are many options to help you, but the best may actually be you helping yourself. Here are some suggestions for starting debt relief and becoming m

Questions to Ask a Credit Counseling Service about Debt Relief
by Tim Gorman
Debt relief is a topic on a lot of consumers' minds these days, and with good reason. American credit card debt in 2001 was $692 billion, triple the amount from 1989. In that same time period, the average credit card increase for a middle-class fa

How to Choose a Debt Settlement Company
by Alan Barnes
As consumer debt continues to spiral out of control, debt relief is fast becoming a major concern for many Americanís. In 1999, Americanís made $1.1 Trillion worth of credit card purchases. In 2001, American credit card debt hovered around $690 bi

Future Secured? Oh Really?
by Dorothy McLeod
A headline for a retirement annuities flyer declares "Future Secured!" Was your reaction like mine? Yea, sure!Is our financial future ever that secure? Maybe for a few. But for the majority of us this is not true. Stock market changes, hea

Debt Settlement : What You Need To Know
by Alan Barnes
Debt Settlement companies work with your creditors to help you reduce your unsecured debts though arbitration and negations. The important thing to realize about Debt Settlement is that it is a different type of program than Consumer Credit Counse

Different Ways Of Dealing With Debt
by Dennis Cary
Bills, creditors, debt collectors. Are you yearning for the days when all you had to worry about was the money in your piggy bank? If so, you are far from alone. Whether its illness, loss of a job, or simple overspending, it happens to the best of

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