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What Is A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
by Tim Gorman
Many consumers that are bogged down in debt frequently turn to bankruptcy as a form of restoring their financial status back to a zero balance. Unfortunately many of these same consumers are confused when it comes to the difference between a Chap
Bankruptcy: Who is to Blame?
by Tim Gorman
If you are considering bankruptcy as a solution to your financial problems, you are not alone. Bankruptcy is on the rise in this country as consumer debt piles higher and higher. Some people blame the creditors, making it too easy for most consu

Taking The Plunge Into Bankruptcy
by S. A. Baker
Bankruptcy is one of the most difficult things a person has to do. The decision to file bankruptcy is a hard one. Is it moral to wipe your slate clean through bankruptcy? Is there any way for you to avoid bankruptcy? While everyone has their o

Bankruptcy Interest Increases as Deadline Approaches
by Charles Essmeier
Congress recently passed sweeping legislation that will significantly reform American bankruptcy law. Designed to eliminate the “convenience bankruptcy” of compulsive gamblers and the financially irresponsible, this legislation will make it more

Debt Consolidation Versus Debt Negotiation
by Gary Gresham
Debt consolidation versus debt negotiation are two options that are available to you if you need debt assistance. When your monthly bills become too much for you to handle, it makes sense to use debt consolidation or debt negotiation for solving

Reduce Your Debt
by John Mussi
Do you want to reduce your debt? Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?You're not alone. Many peo

How to Become Debt Free
by Noel Hynes
In today's consumer society it is all too easy to get into debt. If you have a few credit cards, car loan, mortgage and possibly student loans it can easily add up. If your income is reduced for any reason you could find yourself in serious financ

Yes to Less Debt
by Carolyn Matheson
Feeling stressed by the amount of debts you have? Three years ago Michelle was struggling on a nurse's salary. She had run up huge debts with a number of court judgments against her name. She longed to travel - a dream that she kept telling hersel

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