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Bankruptcy: Which Chapter Do I File?
by Tim Gorman
There is more than one kind of bankruptcy. You should understand your options before deciding which chapter of bankruptcy you are going to file for, or if you are going to file for bankruptcy at all. Often the consequences of bankruptcy outweigh
Stay Debt Free This Xmas - Top 10 Tips
by Linda Anderson
Xmas can be a financially stressful time for many people and that takes the fun out of the festive season. The funny thing about Xmas is it occurs every year and at the same time every year! So with a little bit of planning you can take the stress

Debt Elimination Services
by James Duggan
Everyone has seen the ads before. A business will guarantee you perfect credit. (As if your credit history were a joke). Unfortunately, your credit isn't a joke. And your credit history will not disappear overnight, despite what a debt eliminatio

Three Keys For Getting Out Of Debt
by Seth Lutnick
Getting out of debt gives you a euphoric feeling, positively liberating. It's a feeling you want with all your heart. The good news is, with the three principles outlined in this article, you can turn yourself in the direction of

Government Can't Ban Discrimination On Certain People
by Patrick Zanders
While it may indeed sound like a harsh statement, it is certainly true in that the government cannot stop the widespread discrimination against certain individuals and these are those people with less than perfect credit. This sad fact is literall

How To Get Out Of Debt?
by Terje Ellingsen
If you are in debt up to your ears like many other people, there are a few ways available to you to get out of debt. One of these ways is called debt consolidation. This is actually a refinancing of all of your debts, whether it be credit card or

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Much Faster & Save Lots Of Money - Without Filing For Bankruptcy!
by Kris Bickell
The most important lesson I learned about getting out of debt is that you'll NEVER get out of debt playing by the rules of your creditors. No matter what they say, they really don't want you to get out of debt.After all, the longer it ta

How Do Commercial Debt Reduction Companies Work?
by Jon Butt
Don’t stress it – commercial debt reduction companies are proven authorities in debt negotiation to reduce your commercial debt in the best way possible for you, especially when you’re least interested in the worst alternatives like Chapter 11.

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