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Debt Consolidation
Debt Relief
British Families and Debt
by Nicola Bullimore
There is current concern from the Bank of England that British families are getting deeper into debt, however, it has been said that lenders are putting themselves at risk because people are now more willing to make themselves bankrupt.Desp
5 Ways to Get Out of Debt
by Joel Teo
It has been said that everyday more and more people in the world are getting into unsecured debt. Once reason for this is the relative ease in which credit card companies and banks are extending credit to their customers. In fact, it was reporte

Bad Credit Home Loan To Get You Out Of Debt
by Bill Smiths
A "bad credit home loan" can help you climb your way out of debt and get you started back on the road to upstanding, good credit. There are many lenders who are willing to make bad credit home loans to you - a loan based on your equity in your hom

How To Pay Credit Card Debt Off
by Gary Gresham
If you are determined to pay credit card debt off you are making the best financial decision of your life. The reason credit card debt is so bad is because it carries such a high interest rate.The quickest way to take back control of your

Five Hot Tips To Get Out Of Debt Forever
by Rhiannon Williamson
The financial and psychological burden of being in debt causes us and our families continuous emotional stress. That stress eats away at the quality of our lives and leaves us feeling powerless, angry, depressed and helpless.But there is a

Is There A Way Out Of Your Debt Problems?
by Roy Thomsitt
Do you have multiple debts? Do you have just one large debt which you could afford, but your circumstances have since changed? Are you finding it harder each month to meet the payments on your debts?You know debt is a problem, but maybe do

Ten Ways to Get Out of Debt
by Nathan Dawson
1) Use your AssetsIf you have assets with some significant equity, such as a home or a car you may be able to use these to get control of your debt. For example, you could get a loan on your home sufficient to pay off your debts. You

Credit Card Debt & the Unfairness of the Universal Default Clause
by Phil Andrews
Letís look at a real world example: A woman purchased a new $4,000 large screen TV a few months ago based on the knowledge her monthly payment was going to be $175, and based on the 9% interest rate charged by her credit card company. For five mon

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