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Debt Consolidation
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How To Avoid Medical Collections
by Steve Austin
With medical collections costing doctors millions upon millions of dollars in unpaid bills and collection fees, many people have just one question: Who are these people who are trying to stiff the doctors who delivered them from great physical pai
Credit Card Debt Problems - Reduce Credit Card Debt By Understanding The Traps
by Carrie Reeder
Having a credit card or three can be a thrilling adventure: all of the sudden you have more cash available and can buy things that you otherwise couldn't afford. You understand that you need to pay your bills on time, pay the minimum payment every

Taking A Step Towards Credit Card Debt Elimination
by Matt Ellsworth
So you have decided to go for credit card debt elimination and are wondering on what the methods for credit card debt elimination are. As they say, letís take the bull by its horns and lay it all flat on the ground. There are generally 2 recommend

How to Avoid Credit Card Debts
by Christopher Luck
Applying for your first ever credit card can be all exciting. But the thrill fades away when you suddenly realize that your debt is piling up. You splurge all that money, now its pay back time. The delight of cashless purchase here and there can b

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt Forever-Without Stress
by Christopher Luck
In recent years, the amount of credit card debt being carried by Americans has reached hundreds of billions of dollars, with interest payments each year that would sink the economies of many small nations. But you can eliminate your credit card de

Do You Need A Debt Counselor?
by Roger Sorensen
Last year nearly 1.5 million consumers turned to the bankruptcy court system to seek relief from their debts. Much of that debt was consumer debt racked up on credit cards. Medical bills were the second largest cause of debt.Along with t

About Judgements
by Roger Sorensen
In the field of debt collection and delinquencies, judgments and judgement risk factors are a very real concerns. These concerns include thinking about: Will a creditor sue and seek legal judgement against me? What type of judgement will it be? I

10-step Guide to Financial Stability - Checklist To Being A Money-Wise Widow
by Roger Sorensen
Nobody likes to think about losing a loved one, and often when it occurs, we have no idea where to turn.If you are not prepared, the paperwork will hit you after your spouse's death in an apparently overhwelming deluge. It is tough to get t

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