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Debt Consolidation
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Drowning in Debt? Tips and Tricks for Getting Out of Hot Water with Creditors
by Beth West
Do you, like millions of other Americans, feel like you’re sinking in an ocean of credit card debt? Well, fear not--there are many options for reducing your debt way before you have to be concerned about receiving notices or daunting telephone ca
What is Debt Settlement?
by Jon Thomas
Debt settlement is the process of negotiating with your creditors so that you are able to pay off a certain percentage of the debt amount that you owe. A debt settlement company will use different types of strategies to negotiate with your

The Human Side - Debt Stress
by Ken Austin
In all the technical discussion you hear about credit card debt, the best ways to manage it and pay it off and all the rest, one thing goes largely ignored. Credit card debt is extremely stressful, and can have a very negative effect on

A Debt Elimination Process Must Be Initiated From You.
by Terje Ellingsen
The first and maybe most important step in a debt elimination process, is to acknowledge there's a problem and realize that something has to be done with your situation. Some do it before it is too late, though an asthonishing number of people se

Two Ways To Debt Relief
by Terje Ellingsen
There are many debt relief programs out there both off line and online. Sometimes it can be difficult to chose one from the other. To make a reasonable choice, you need to know your specific debt problem for example student loan de

The "Credit Card Debt Termination" Scam
by Charles Phelan
"Legally terminate credit card debt! You can be debt-free in 4-6 months!" Advertisements like this are for a new type of program that has spread via the Internet over the past few years. It's called "Credit Card Debt Termination," and victims are

Debt Settlement -- Why the Critics Are Wrong
by Charles Phelan
After October 17, 2005, a lot of people are going to become interested in debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy. That's the date the new bankruptcy law goes into effect, and it means a rude awakening for many consumers seeking a fresh st

Debt Relief -- Why Most Programs Have A 75% Failure Rate
by Charles Phelan
Debt consolidation, equity loans, credit counseling, debt management plans, even Chapter 13 bankruptcy – it doesn't matter which of these debt programs you're talking about. They all suffer from one fatal flaw, the number one problem that cau

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