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Debt Consolidation
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Your Ticket Out of Debt Relief
by Ken Austin
If you are in debt over your head and wondering if you will ever find a way out, the answer is yes! Serious financial problems can make life miserable and cause a great deal of stress and worry. Many people have found themselves in the situation
Creating A Realistic Budget
by Ramona Creel
Budgeting -- ooh, what a scary word! If you want to frighten someone whose finances are out of control, suggest that they tally up their expenses on a piece of paper. We all understand the value of such an exercise, but when it comes to the practi

Hide That Car! Fighting the Repo Man
by A.M. Harris
Vehicle repossession may appear justified in circumstances where a person is generally being irresponsible and otherwise able to meet this financial obligation. However, what about that hardworking guy or gal who paid their automobile note dutifu

Dealing with 'Thing'itis
by Dan Goggins
Debt is quickly becoming an epidemic in America. However, through the past 50 years, America has not seen such large domestic growth. Its citizens have higher salaries now than their predecessors, yet personal debt continues to rise.Why is

Should You Invest In Savings Or Payoff Your Debts?
by David Chew
I have faced this financial question 8 years ago and recently I have friends asked me this same question. I think I should write it up so that it may help some of you that having the same situation.The decision whether to invest your monthl

The 5 Secrets to Getting Out of Debt Fast
by Fox Symes
As they stare down at a teetering pile of bills, so many consumers wonder how they racked up such a large debt. The answer boils down to simple mathematics.“On a basic, fundamental level, the problem is created by spending more than you mak

Mr. Cheapie's Frugal Budget Tips
by David Leonhardt
So you feel like a hamster spinning your wheel? The faster you run, the faster the wheel spins. Just when you get a raise, you notice the price of hamster wheels jumps!Mr. Cheapie is here with his super-charged budget-cutting tips.

Start Small and Your Wealth Will Get Bigger
by Stephanie Yeh
We’ve all heard the phrase, “You have to start somewhere.” Nothing could be truer of creating wealth and prosperity in your life. Sometimes the idea of becoming wealthy can seem so overwhelming that we don’t know where to begin. After all, if w

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